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A woman removes the top of Olivons Case; removes the top of her lipstick tube; inserts the bottom of her lipstick tube into Olivons Case, which holds it securely in place, replaces the top of the case and off she goes.

When she is ready to apply lipstick, she simply removes the top of Olivons Case, twists it and applies her lipstick while looking into the magnified mirror on top of the Case.

For nighttime use, she may opt for the lighted mirror on the Case.

Another important element of this innovative, worldwide patented invention is that it allows Cosmetic Companies to “Go Green” if they choose to manufacture biodegradable or recyclable lipstick tubes that fit into Olivons Case.

Olivons Refill Lipstick Case is never to be thrown into the landfills because it is a Collector’s keepsake treasure.