Swirl Girl
Swirl Girl

Swirl Girl

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Olivon's Lipstick Cases are practical, earth friendly, and highly functional lipstick tube holders, decorated in a variety of both forward-looking and high fashion motifs and finishes -- some with precious and semi-precious stones.

{Swirl Girl}

A tri-colored swirl design. A black background full of black Swarovski crystals with two diagonal red bands and a dazzling white Swarovski band in the center. OA-SG-002

Each case is designed to receive and securely hold the part of the lipstick tube containing the lipstick. Changing lipstick by removing one lipstick color and inserting another is a quick and easy task. These gorgeous cases are keepers -- beautifully decorated collector's items, never to be thrown away.

Exceptional for work, travel, and leisure. Also a very nice option for formal occasions or to be given as gifts.

These permanent cases are so beautiful and practical that a woman wants several -- for wardrobe, with jewelry, for day or night.

Swirl Girl features: 
+ Gorgeous Swarovski crystals 
+ A durable aluminum frame
+ CASE technology 
+ A mirror for quick and easy on-the-go lipstick application 
+ This  Lipstick tube holder is made to accommodate most lipstick tube designs